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Vlogging vs blogging

Youtuber:Vlogging vs blogging

Vlogging vs blogging

1.YouTube is easier as ranking is easier compared to Google Search for a specific keyword
Just upload video with proper tags and descriptionThan either buy high retention views or use some software to generate views to video with help of proxies. Before monetizing it.

2.People don’t like to read stuff.They love to enjoy and watch videos.In case you search on google ‘How to Six Abs’ you will see at no.1 position it is a video which is ranking.It is obvious that people will watch video instead of reading an article.Even mark said now marketing through videos has been increased on Facebook.

3.The most genius ideas were born spontaneously. A girl started making video’s of herself when she doing make-up, a young guy making simple fun and uploads it everyday. A guy doing this is super successful here, a TV station smelled money and offered him a big contract but he refused. He makes $15-20k a month just by taking simple videos for his followers.There is big and easy money in vlogging but you must have an idea and become a constistent uploader. You really don’t need any education for this just start making videos. It’s very interesting to follow the big vloggers because they created a change in the visual entertainment world.

4.Vloggers are some of the highest earners on YouTube.Highest earnings by Pewdiepie of course. He made $7 million through YouTube last year.Popular Vloggers make similar numbers.

Vlogging vs blogging
Vlogging vs blogging

Blogging:Vlogging vs blogging

1.You can run a blog with different topics like Tourism, Entertainment and food but a Vblogger or Video blogger/youtuber can only run his channel based on one topic.

2.Revenue by advertisement impressions on your blog or on your Youtube ChannelRevenue by affiliate marketing, that is, by subscribing as partner to websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.Revenue by selling your own product or service, for example,Revenue by authoring and selling your books

3Number of viewers, that is, the incoming traffic to your blogThe geographic location of your viewersThe niche of your blog/ youtube channel. The rate at which the advertisers pay will depend on the niche of your blog/ youtube channel and points (1) and (2) mentione above. Earning per click may earn from 1 cent per click to 25 cents per click or even more

4.In comparison with youtubers are more famous,they have big audience is in allmost times,but CPC of blogger as blogging is always higher then youtubers. Youtubers have to follow so much of rules n regulations in comparison with blogging.

Vlogging vs blogging
Vlogging vs blogging


Hence at last i would say no matters who earn more,who is more popular’who has big audience-In short you will defeat blogger (blogging) if you are hard working or smart working youtuber (vlogging) and you will defeat youtuber(vlogging) if you are hard working or smart working blogger (blogging).

In both case you have to be different from the public,you have to show a unique content-No matters as youtuber or blogger.

Work smart not hard

Stay happy

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