Countries where getting citizenship is very easy|Viralnewsnation

Countries where getting citizenship is very easy|Viralnewsnation


You should be over 18 years of age you will require English proficiency certificate (IELTS) to survive in Canada. You have to live at least 2 years and then apply for the (permanent residency)  PR  without any crime records .

You have to live for 5 years on PR and any income tax you may owe must be paid. If you have been member of Canadian Armed Forces ,then may be you’ll be able for a fast track application process

Maintain all the supporting  documents of all years and work experience certificates properly, this will help you to raise the value of your application. After becoming permanent citizen, you can apply for naturalization Countries where getting citizenship is very easy|Viralnewsnation


You need to have 5 years in state to be applicable for naturalization. Time spent here in Ireland on student visa does not count on becoming Irish. You should not have any crime records here, this may ruein your application.

English proficiency certificate (IELTS) is necessary to communicate though local peoples. If you are married to Irish citizen then you will require minimum 3 years to be able to naturalization.


If you are willing for dual citizenship then this country may not for you because the Singapore government don’t allows dual citizenship. The laws regarding citizenship are found in it’s constitution. The Government uses constitutional provision for citizenship by registration though naturalization is no longer granted. Thus, oppurtinity for getting PR here are still high but applicants will need more guidance or information to present a strong application


To increase the percentage of getting in Uruguay you must submit a copy of your passport with letter of immigration and approval. Get your police background clean by checking regularly , medical certificate and medical exam along with evidence of your financial status

Then probably you may get temprory certificate called “cedula”, and wait for your final approval. However getting the citizenship of Uruguay is not good because it’s  not the best country.Countries where getting citizenship is very easy|Viralnewsnation


Naturalization as an argentine citizen the requirements:18 years or older. You should have been over there for at least 2 years and apply for citizenship before federal judge. You should not have any crime records in argentina and your home country or should not have illegal source of income.

The continuous living of residency for 2 years applicants need to make argentina there permenant home. You will require Spanish language ability to communicate here.

Dominican Republic

Every one is welcomed in this beautiful country.Foreigners have to live in the country with normal permit for  years with 7 years of legal residence then one can apply for citizenship with no police records in crimes,death,robe,etc with proof of residence visa and passport with all supporting documents.

Countries where getting citizenship is very easy|Viralnewsnation

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